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Calls from unknown numbers are no surprise to you! Most of them are disguised by crooks. Not sure if the caller number is safe? is a free unknown number query service. Here you find unsolicited calls (spam), scammers and marketers! Want to uncover the mystery of unknown phone numbers? Unknown number lookup may give you the answer. Our purpose is to prevent the troubles caused by harassment and fraudulent calls to the greatest extent!

Our online database of phone numbers can find the number you want among millions of records, and it will usually show it to you immediately. If our database does not have the information you are looking for, you can contact us through the contact page, and we will collect relevant information in a timely manner.

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  • 064 541 5113
  • 087 092 5027
    Hung up as I answered. Unable to call back. Seems like spam
  • 076 471 4595
    Often get calls from 076 numbers -- just a few rings, then they ring off
  • 078 757 4487
    Getting random messages of demanding money
  • 087 158 2606
    A slight variation of this number just tried to call me 087 158 2609, bad network - already alarm bells for me. Consultant was female did not state her name, but was able to identify my bank as FNB and my name Miss X... The network was so bad I couldn't hear her properly anyway so she said she would call back later. I blocked the number right after coming across this page
  • 065 685 0726
    This is a fraudster, scamming people.
    Pretending to do contract work for Eskom. Eskom fraud prevention already investigating.
  • 087 350 6286
    I am awaken by this call every morning but the a*****e is not saying anything. So today I blocked it. It comes as Direct access on caller ID, but when you call back it says "the person is not available to receive the call". I am so annoyed but glad I don't have to deal with this pea brain anymore.
  • 081 871 4574
    Got a missed call. Not sure who this is.
  • 010 823 0295
    want to know more
  • 011 219 7091
    This person is a criminal woman. Claiming she is fro ABSA and somebody wants to purchase something with my credit card and she needs to know my bank account in order to not approve transaction.